No Take Backs 
(August 11th-16th 2014)

Tristan Bates Theatre

Emily Parry-Green has never been able to let things go.
Megan Collier will never fail to achieve what is expected of her.
When Megan can't find the item she's been hired to take from Emily, she is forced to trap Emily in her own home.
Armed with stubbornness and razor-sharp wit, Emily is prepared to fight her off. But the things Megan is armed with are much sharper.

A black comedy from the Sigil Club about holding onto the past and holding people hostage.

Lucy Litchfield - Emily Parry-Green
Rachel Eireann - Megan Collier
Daniel Farley - Sylvester Parry-Green
Sylvie England - Kerri-Anne Turner

Psychopomp and Circumstance 
(November 19th-30th 2013)

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Psychopomp and Circumstance is a collection of five new plays by Michael Eckett about life, the afterlife and after afterlife.

Enter a world of weirdness, witticisms and whimsy as we meet the spirits who carry souls to the world beyond. Some ensnare their prey with tales, some are overly dedicated and others just want to melt squirrels.

Sylvie England - Clarion/Minion
Rachel Cash - Gerty Steiner
Daniel Farley - The Higher-Up/Minion
Sharean Thomas - The White Escort
Nores Cerfeda - The Black Escort
Charley Willow - The Grace Knight
Rachel Eireann - The Little Lady
James El-Sharawy - Gog
Kate Quinn - Magog
Rachael Black - Jordan
Dominic Attenborough - Other Gog
Eve Levic - Other Magog

Full Stage Splash: A Comic Look at the Comic Book  
(August 16th, 17th 18th, 2012 - Etcetera Theatre)(December 1st and 8th, 2012 - Hen & Chickens Theatre)
(July 27th and 28th, 2013 - Kings Arms, Salford)
A theatrical distillation of the history of the comic book medium told using archetypes and specific comic characters in a variety of sketches and devices.


WARNING: May contain explosive sound effects, angry puppets and history.

Dan Farley
Kate Quinn
Kris Wood
Michael Eckett

Stand-Up Comics (November 22nd-27th 2011)
An Original Comedy By Michael Eckett

Etcetera Theatre

Liam and Kris have been brought together by the comics they read, sell and write to avoid the responsibilities of the real world. But Liam’s infatuation with another artist is giving him writer’s block and causing Kris to grow jealous, whilst their friend Liz thinks this fractured dynamic could mean the end of their world and she’ll do everything she can to save it.
With jokes, fights and gravediggers abound, the staff at Stand-Up Comics certainly have issues.

Stand-Up Comics is a live theatre sitcom, infused with a bombastic comic book look, which examines how pop culture influences our lives, friendships and goals.

Michael Eckett - Liam
Kris Wood - Kris
Sandy Jarvis- Liz
Natalie Martins- Ashlynn
Dan Farley - Adrian
Amy Quick - Customer
Nina Bright - Customer ( SPECIAL GUEST FOR 25th & 26th November)

Stand-Up Comics (August 8th 2011)

Camden Roundhouse: Studio Theatre

Michael Eckett - Liam
Kris Wood - Kris
Ellie Ross - Liz
Sandy Jarvis - Ashlynn
Dan Farley - Adrian
Amy Quick - Customer

Stripped (February 22nd-26th 2011)
An Original Comedy By Michael Eckett

One morning as a man is eating his breakfast, two psychopomps burst into his home, pronounce him dead and insist he moves onto the afterlife with them. He is offered the chance to live again, if he can tell them the meaning of his existence. As he tries to figure out what his life means he's distracted by family, religion, the media, sex and the bureaucratic system, each trying to force their ...view point onto him.

Stripped is an absurdist comedy from an ensemble cast, combining witty dialogue, mime and physical theatre to create a unique view of life, death, sex and cheese.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Catherine Ashton - Mother/Chorus
Dan Farley - Bishop/ Chorus
Tim Nolan - Gog/Chorus
Kate Quinn - Magog/Chorus
Meriel Rosenkranz - Processor/ Chorus
Amy Wiles - Scarlett/ Chorus
Kris Wood - He

Written & Directed by Michael Eckett
Original Music by Lee Sharma

The Quest For Beauty (January 2010)
An Original Comedy By Michael Eckett

Imagine the one you secretly love is Beauty haven’t got a chance have you? This is the personification of Vengeance’s lot in existence; weary of the repetitive nature of his work, Beauty is the one soul that can cheer him; but there’s no way he can’t tell her how he feels. But when rumour and hearsay lead Beauty to believe that Vengeance is, like everybody else, interested only in... her looks, she flees existence itself.

It’s up to Vengeance and Death to track her down and prevent the deterioration of all life. Their journey takes them through lands, each stranger than the last: Fairies! Shadows! Comic Book Stores!

The Quest for Beauty is an exciting new comedy that mixes romance and drama in a script lined with pop culture references that represent the fantastic as normal and the mundane as fantastic.

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Dan Farley as Vengeance
Celestia Godbehere as Beauty
Michael Eckett as Death
George Koulouris as Fate
Alex Shaw as Inspiration & Sloth
Joseph Pickles as Ecstasy, Greed & Wronged
Tim Nolan as Shadow King & Kris
Sonia Hovén as Fairy & Lust
Peter Fawdon as Wronger & Liam
Dia Nanette Flores as Customer, Mortal & Pride
Jackie O'Sullivan as Gluttony
Rhiannon Davison as Wrath
Anna Thornton as Envy