The Sigil Club is a production company that strives towards forging a fun and creative working atmosphere and entertaining shows by making the things we've always wanted to see or take part in but no one else is making.

Our aim is to utilise the magical elements of writing and theatre to greater impact and interact with our audience. We like to mix projects you wouldn't necessarily see in theatre with those that are more traditional; with the aim of reaching the widest audience possible and getting different people excited about what theatre can do. So far we have crafted three plays that wildly differ stylistically: An existential fairy tale, an absurdist comedy and a live theatre sitcom set in a comic shop.

The Sigil Club pushes itself to perform different projects and create new things pulling influences not just from theatre but television, sequential art and comedy.

We also to tell jokes. Sometimes funny ones.

Michael Eckett (Co-Founder/ Artistic Director)

Michael worked as the writer/director/producer of The Quest for Beauty, Stripped, Stand-Up Comics, Full Stage Splash and Psychopomp and Circumstance and is 95% sure he's not fictional.

He wishes he knew enough martial arts to become the world's next Iron Fist, though without the time to do it properly he's settled on buying yellow trainers to look the part..

Jackie O'Sullivan (Co-Founder/ Producer)

Jackie has acted as co-producer of the Sigil Club, filling forms and filing papers to ensure the wild art of theatre remains in check. She also stage-managed Full Stage Splash and The Quest for Beauty and appeared as Gluttony and Tree in The Quest for Beauty.
She is a full-time medical student and part-time drama fairy.

When not poking about in people's brains she is nourishing the creative output of Michael's.

Larissa Kunstel-Tabet (Production Design)

Larissa's sense of design and engineering has allowed her to create the sometimes outlandish requests of the group. She has designed backdrops for Stand-Up Comics, props for Full Stage Splash and full production design for Psychopomp and Circumstance. She was stage manager for the performances of Full Stage Splash in Manchester. Though she has been with us since the beginning, designing the Sigil Club logo, combining its otherworldly power and masquerade fun.

Otherwise she can be found in the bowels of Somerset House crafting wonders and cackling loudly.