Two weeks to go!

The Camden Fringe Festival officially starts today! And so there's not long left until the opening night of No Take Backs. You can buy tickets for the show here.

We've had a pretty eventful two weeks. There was the Launch Party and we wrote up about our prep for that here.
Larissa has been collecting cardboard boxes for set and tinkering with a couple of them... We've been amassing different parts of costume and some props including these:

What could go wrong with that mix?

Any rehearsal with Dan invariably devolved into a conversation about Freddie Mercury. As well as a pretty excellent off-script run by him and Lucy. Obviously talking about Freddie Mercury is the thing I remember. And then a lot of rehearsals with Lucy and Sylvie to get them off script and lock down some cool moments of blocking. We played around a bit and did the scene with each of us on a different 'level'; throughout the scene one actor had to be standing, one sat on a chair and the third actor on the floor; if someone got off the chair one of the other actors had to move. Quickly. It gets people using the space differently, makes them think about levels differently and most important allows you to punish your director by making him crawl around the floor a lot.