Making conversation

We went to the Camden Fringe Festival launch party this week. This was our third time going and we're sort of used to how the whole thing works. There are pleasantries, flyers are swapped and sometimes you find people with shared interests and get some time to bond amongst the madness. It's sort of like networking (and no one really likes networking) but the people who are there tend to make everything pleasant. Having an understanding of the usual conversation flow prompted Michael to create some stickers to be put on our flyers at the end of each conversation, depending on how the social interaction went. It was an attempt to personalise things and have a bit of fun with the usual conventions. It was a dumb idea. A dumb idea that people seemed to love. It was a very Sigil Club thing to do.

These were the stickers we had. (Sorry if you didn't get the one you wanted)

The 'g' is soft.
Like our favourite cheeses
(For anyone who mispronounced Sigil Club)

You have excellent hair.

This conversation was successful.

This social interaction was like a high-five for my soul. 

Dear Sigil Club, we shall not be attending your performance due to:
Rehearsal/Performance/Plague/Turned into grapes
(They may delete as necessary)

Your show sounds very:
Funny/moving/derivative/creative/personal/full of words
(I may delete as necessary)

We are available for weddings. But not emotionally. Things are just moving too fast. It's not you, it's us.

If undelivered, please return to Tristan Bates Theatre Aug 11th-16th. Then buy a ticket.

The first rule of Sigil Club is "we don't talk about 'Fight Club.'" Some of us haven't seen it. SPOILERS!

Your show sounds excellent!
But now we're jealous.

Now the weird guy carrying around sheets of labels makes sense.
Well. A bit more sense.

Our dream X-Men team would be: Multiple Man, Shadowcat, Beast, Fantomex and Pixie.

You used Promote Play!
It was Super Effective

You completed a conversation!
+1 Knowledge
+3 Social Skills
+600 Life Exp.

You write Horror-Comedy! We write horrible comedy.
Let's be friends!
(There are a few horror comedy acts this year. We unfortunately didn't find any of them.)

It's like 'In Bruges.' But less Irish, not in Bruges and without small people.
It's funny.

This conversation was my modern fairytale.
(Again, getting specific in case we met a team doing a modern fairytale.)

You have excellent taste.
Like Hannibal.

This is merely a whimsical affectation to make up for my lack of actual social skills. 

I rate this conversation 5/5
Also the result of my recent STI screening.

I hardly know her!
(If only we had met some people performing some Pinter)

We're oddly proud of these. Proud enough to post them I guess. Gotta stay ahead of the curve next year though. Everyone will be doing stickers then. So what are we to do....

(Shout out to Untouched Theatre who seemed very excited to get the Pokémon themed sticker and who indulged Michael when he persistently asked them about their puppet comedy.)