Four weeks to go!


That's right, it's only four weeks until our opening night!

Have you seen our poster? It's a very nice looking poster. Take a look.

It's designed by long-time Sigil Club collaborator Kris Wood.

If that exciting image makes you want to buy a ticket, you can get them from here. Or as the poster says, from the Tristan Bates website.

Rehearsals are going well. There's still a lot of energy in the room as we talk about pirate's eye-patches, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and misheard lyrics to songs. We've de-stressed by rolling around on bubble wrap and re-stressed by waving fake knives at each other. People seem to be clicking; Dan and Lucy have the bickering siblings thing down, whilst Rachel and Sylvie are both going away to study different animals to move as. Lines are starting to stick and people are finding some really cool stuff to play with.
We had a fight/action choreography rehearsal on Thursday and we're really excited about how that stuff is going to look.

Larissa has mocked up a cool looking computer model of the set and a physical model and we're playing around with how everything might fit together.

There will no doubt be a facebook event up in the near future. For now keep up to date with things on our page there or our Twitter.