An update on NTB


We have a little bit of an update on No Take Backs.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances Grace Lyons Hudson will no longer be able to perform in the production. We wish Grace the best; we've enjoyed our time with her immensely and we sincerely hope to be able to work with her in the future.

That of course means we have some other news. The part of Emily Parry-Green will instead be played by Lucy Litchfield. We're really looking forward to having Lucy join the group, we expect she'll be a fantastic addition.

No Take Backs

The sixth Sigil Club production is coming to the Camden Fringe Festival this summer. We'll be performing the new play, No Take Backs at the Tristan Bates Theatre, (a space we are very, very excited to be in) on August 11th-16th at 9:30pm. The Tristan Bates website currently has a section for all their Camden Fringe plays; check those and buy tickets for ours here!

What is No Take Backs about?
A black comedy by Michael Eckett about holding onto the past and holding people hostage.

Emily Parry-Green finds herself held in her home, against her will, by professional criminal, Megan Collier, who is tasked with finding a specific item from Emily's past. But Emily has never been able to let anything go and if she can't this time, she'll never get out. If Megan can change Emily then maybe she can salvage the job but Emily’s brother and Megan’s employer arrive and only complicate things further.

It's a really funny, sometimes weirdly violent play with all our usual energy, odd pop-culture references and moments of surrealism. But no magical creatures or giant comic book sound effects this time. It's probably the closest we'll come to realism.

But the characters are these big eccentrics and we'll need some talented people to do them justice. The cast involved are some fantastic actors, some of whom we've had the pleasure of working with before and are ecstatic to welcome back and one new performer who we're really excited to work with.
Lucy Litchfield is playing 'Emily Parry-Green', Rachel Eireann plays 'Megan Collier', Dan Farley is 'Sylvester Parry-Green' and we have Sylvie England as 'Kerri-Anne Turner'. We had our read-through of the script this week and everyone is already bringing so much. I can't wait to see all the ways they're going to make us laugh.

As mentioned above Michael Eckett has written the play and will be directing (and writing this up whilst noting that writing in third person is weird). And the wonderful Larissa Kunstel-Tabet is doing the design work with us again.

I'd also just like to draw your attention to our promo/brochure image there. It's another piece of work by Kris Wood, a wonderful photographer and designer who shall also be working on our posters and flyers. And we are ever so grateful.

Now, we have a few weeks of rehearsals ahead of us so that we can craft the best show possible. You all have a few weeks of buying tickets and telling your friends to come see the show. A good way to share with others is to link them here or follow our Twitter feed, where we'll have all the behind the scenes stuff and first bits of news. (It's also the place to watch Michael slowly go insane as the process continues). We also have a facebook page (Like us or something).

And if anyone wants to interview us regarding the show for print, digital or a podcast, or just ask questions you can contact us on or via our Twitter.

We're tremendously excited about the show and getting to be part of the Camden Fringe again. We hope everyone else taking part this year enjoys the experience as much as we do and I wish you so much success.