Hello, it's Michael here.

I sometimes need to do a better job of keeping this front page up to date and talking to people; I'm a writer, I like forcing people to listen or read what I have to say, you'd have thought I'd relish this opportunity more. We tend to get very involved during show times, posting stuff on various social media accounts and then hiding away from it all once a show finishes and we can rest.

Thanks to everyone who came to see Full Stage Splash: A Comic Look at the Comic Book, this August at the Etcetera Theatre. We had a lot of fun performing it, even though I'm sure we all came close to collapsing performing (or audiencing) in that room on the hottest days of the year. The feedback from those of you who came has been wonderful and truly uplifting to hear that most thought we achieved what we set out to do. Everyone seems to have a different favourite moment, which means I probably did my job right. We got six reviews for a show which ran for three nights. Full Stage Splash is our most reviewed show. And whilst the amount of love for the show varied, it's safe to say that they're all positive. We have collected them over on the press page.

For those of you who missed it, we'll probably perform it again. We're definitely doing a couple of Saturday nights in December and then who knows what we'll do in 2013. It all depends on if our fantastic team want to carry on. All I can say is I'm really looking forward to more shows, I can't imagine having more fun.

Full Stage Splash shows will be the only performances for a while though; we've been doing producing theatre for just over three years now and in that time we've done The Quest for Beauty, Stripped, Stand-Up Comics (twice) and Full Stage Splash and that includes me writing the latter three. I've put some stuff I've wanted to write on hold so that we could do these shows, so that we could get experience and enjoy ourselves but it looks like the fourth year of The Sigil Club could pretty much be a year off. We need some downtime to prep for Sigil Club Year 5 and beyond. So yeah, sorry if you miss us but we might be quiet for about a year now. And that's quiet meaning writing, performing some FSS, pre-production, rehearsals and maybe some web content.

Oh and news on everyone else.
Jackie is taking people's blood.
Kris has set up his photography studio.
Kate is performing in another show with Theatre of the Damned
Dan has eaten various meats.