The Timeline

Here is a timeline showing roughly what we cover in Full Stage Splash: A Comic Look at the Comic Book.

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Who's Who? Entering Spoiler Territory

This is the full list of every character each performer will be portraying in Full Stage Splash. Some stick around longer than others and some might be a bit of a surprise. We recommend not looking ahead and spoiling some stuff but if gathering information and having a sense of completion is your thing, then this is for you.

Daniel Farley - Hero, Doctor, Hercules, Popeye, Spaceman, Storyteller 2, Mr Fantastic, French Clerk, Editor 3, Iceman, Thunderbird, Mimic, Jim Lee, Batman, Captain Marvel, The Flash, Narrator, Dan.

Kate Quinn - Olivia, Mother, Storyteller 1, Human Torch, Spider-Man, Comix Seller, Editor 1, Cyclops, Angel, Gambit, Rob Liefeld, Wonder Woman, Woman, Narrator, Kate.

Kris Wood - Villain, Zorro, The Phantom, Scarlet Pimpernel, War, Wonder Woman Puppet, Batman Puppet, Male Puppet, The Thing, Bruce Banner, Customer, Editor 2, Storm, Thunderbird III, Husk, Marvel President, Superman, Green Lantern, Kung-Fu Man, Narrator, Kris.

Michael Eckett - Evil Nazi Scientist, Horror, Westerns, Wertham, Host, Thor, Japanese Clerk, Writer, Joseph, Xorn, Magneto, Evil Scientist, Todd McFarlane, Batman, Narrator, Michael.