Three weeks to go

We're entering the mad dash towards opening night for Full Stage Splash: A Comic Look at the Comic Book (tickets available here) and we still have a lot to cover.

Our rehearsal on Monday showed us that whilst all the cast have gelled well and are great in the sketches, some of the longer more fact based sections are proving to be a bit difficult to memorise. We should have it down once we're going over things more regularly. We also finally got our sheet on Kris Wood, Kate Quinn and Dan Farley.

Not because they were naughty (we wouldn't get them out of the sheet if that were the case. Wait. What?) but for some odd costuming.

And then last night we had our prop designer/ builder-ey people come over to HQ for a design session whilst Jackie helped and Michael created some wordballoons and thoughtbubbles. Here's everyone in action.

So Full Stage Splash will be on at the Etcetera Theatre on August 16th, 17th and 18th at 7.30pm as part of the Camden Fringe. It is definitely going to be fun.