Countdown to Theatre Crisis: 3 weeks

Soon after the revival of Stand-Up Comics was underway, after corralling the necessary troops and settling into our first rehearsals, I was comfortable that this iteration of the show could be better than the first. This was four weeks ago now and whilst I still think it is true, there are times when the thoughts residing in my head are not that the show will be better than before but that it has to be. And that is a very dangerous frame of mind.

These thoughts were only compounded by our first rehearsal of this week, in which Kris and I met with Amy for the first time since August. After dutifully catching up and giving Amy an idea of how the rest of the show is progressing we stormed through Scene 2; the only scene untouched by cast changes or feedback. Almost instantly we were performing at the level we did in Summer and soon Amy was happy to start experimenting and pushing herself whilst Kris and I were content with being able to relax for a change.

But with this cementing my notion of this performance of Stand-Up Comics having to live up to the previous one and even out do it. I started to dwell on vague doubts and criticisms attached to the final scene of the play. There is still one thing I'd like to try with regards to the Liam/Kris dynamic that I didn't this week because when meeting with Kris, Natalie and Sandy I became far too focused on a pair of fairy wings and tangibility and imagery and I let doubt infect the rehearsal, letting it take up time rather than allowing actors to craft something stronger.

Then came our last rehearsal of the week, with Kris, Sandy, Dan and me laughing our way through the night. All previous doubts were washed away by the enjoyment of the experience and the knowledge that we were doing well. Halfway through the week, being three weeks away from our performance at the Etcetera, felt tight, now it feels like all the time in the world. Surely enough time to make the show the best it has ever been and I strongly encourage you to buy tickets and see for yourself.