Countdown to Theatre Crisis: 2 weeks

It's not long until the show now; whilst two weeks can be enough time to rehearse an entire play for companies, with our schedule (and Dan Farley's work schedule) we need to be close to show ready now. Luckily everyone has worked hard to get to this point and we're at a stage where we can confidently go through individual scenes at a high level. The next two weeks will be about piecing scenes together and performing longer stretches.

And of course concentrating on selling tickets. Our flyers and posters are in the theatre, in the hands of our actors and in reputable comic shops in London. Now that we have a good show it is important to ensure we have a successful show. Thus I remind everyone reading that we did manage to sell over 80 tickets in the Roundhouse in one night, so to avoid disappointment at the Etcetera (42 seats) I would suggest booking tickets.

The week just gone was about nuance. At the top of the week I rehearsed with Kris and Sandy; we are at the point where the blocking is natural and the movement fluid so that the real performances are starting to come through and this allowed me to pick out looks and gestures in key moments to reveal some emotional clarity. I touched on a quieter moment between Sandy and Kris in which Liz is pressing information from Kris regarding Liam's other artist, Ashlynn, as she is slowly figuring out how to bring everyone together. In doing so I mention a plot point from the characters past about Kris manipulating Liz into thinking Liam might fancy her and complicating their relationship. This bit of history is only vaguely alluded to in the play and happens about 18 months before the time our show covers. It's the kind of information that I have as the writer and that can help an actor understand a character but isn't necessary for the audience to be barraged with. It's sort of like comic book continuity, there's decades of it and some of it is going to mean something to some readers and affect how a character reacts to things but you can't bog down your story with it.

Actors are still yet to ask me if a character is vegetarian or not.

And then on Thursday we rehearsed our scenes with Dan in between talking about S&M clubs and furries.

(Post script: Rather than Michael setting questions for a series of Cast Interviews as we have done in the past, we're opening up a Formspring page for our audience to ask the actors and creators questions. It can be anonymous, you don't have to join; you can use the opportunity to find out more about the project, its origins and influences or ask the actors about what inspires them or things about their characters)