Countdown to Theatre Crisis: 7 weeks

There is a long standing trope in comic books of people coming back to life; dead does not mean dead. One could be injected with a cure for a terrible virus, that can only be made airborne with the death of its first user, punched to death by a prehistoric alien with bones sticking out of it, or have one's existence snuffed out by fear of riots and still come roaring back at some point.

After having the second night of our Camden Fringe performance cancelled, Stand-Up Comics will be returning...or relaunching to use the current buzzword of the comics industry.

New theatre! Cast changes! Same dedication and energy!

We shall be entertaining in London between the 22nd and 27th of November and will be providing more details and links to buy tickets as soon as possible.

Until then I shall be your guide as we battle our way towards opening night, bringing you word of our triumphs and losses. One such loss is that Ellie Ross is no longer available to play Liz but we are lucky enough to have Sandy Jarvis, who previously portrayed Ashlynn, step up and be our new Liz. News of our new Ashlynn should surface in next week's update.

Our first rehearsal was Thursday and it was just Sandy, Kris and myself catching up and running the Liz introduction scene a few ways. We read through the scene with no strict blocking to give Kris and I a chance to see if we still knew our lines and to give Sandy the experience of chasing us around stage. We did another run in a style of a game from 'Whose Line is it Anyway' in which during the scene one of us must be standing, one on the floor and one sitting (either on the desk on on the chair) with the other actors accommodating when one of us changed positions. (This may have resulted with me rolling off a desk and on to the floor, but we are unlikely to keep that in the final piece). For our third run I asked Sandy to boil down Liz's motivation for the scene, the one thing she wants more than anything else and to then go through the scene solely dedicated to that one simple motivation with Kris and I acting as antagonists to that need. Sandy decided that Liz wants her friends attention to get them to spend time with her, and with Kris and I attempting to ignore her and have out own little feuds it resulted with Sandy stepping in between us a lot or following us around which was fun.

In between we stopped and caught up with each other, lamented the loss of our second night at the Roundhouse, rejoiced that we're moving to a space where there will be less hassle with complex materials like doors, went into semi-detailed accounts of Chlamydia screening and where bacteria fester and generally laughed and teased each other in the way that professionals do when they're tired of acting professionally.

After seeing a sign for a lecture/meeting entitled "Issues with modern culture" I decided it would make a pretty decent subtitle for a Stand-Up Comics venture, but I don't think we'll be adding it just yet. In future installments I shall chronicle our adventures, jokes and mistakes within rehearsals as well as updating you on new production details. But for now the return of SUC is feeling exactly as it should, a hint of nostalgia fueled by new energy.