Countdown to Theatre Crisis: 6 weeks

It was a bust week for the Sigil Club including a trip to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I say "trip", what I mean is I went to see the film with Jackie. But we also saw and waved at Stripped actor Kate Quinn, so that counts, right? Bookending that were our auditions and rehearsals, which, whilst time consuming, were really enjoyable.

I started the week with Jackie and Kris, auditioning/interrogating the many brave women who wanted to audition for the role of Ashlynn. We saw a plethora of talented actresses, many different interpretations of lines and I consistently cracked up at the impeccable timing of every actress when they came to deliver one line in particular. And whilst it was tempting to put off the decision and listen to Kris's stories of the Channel 4 complaints department and the one person who consistent complained of aliens contacting him, we eventually found our Ashlynn. So come the 22nd-27th of November we will happily be staring alongside Natalie Martins.

On the other side of the "great Tinker Tailor divide" was a rehearsal with me, Kris and Sandy. I was struggling to remember a short story about a pig, Kris had overdosed on Snapple and Sandy was celebrating but we managed to pull ourselves together for a mad rehearsal. Much like Liz in the play, Sandy's presence in the scenes/ rehearsals is taking Kris and I out of our comfort zone; blocking is changing, emphasis is shifting and it has resulted in a refreshing and exciting experience. Scenes 3 and 4 are still very loose but once we get as much humour out of the as we can, we'll repeat the moves until it's reflex; a perfect, exaggerated image like a comic panel.

Next week I'll bring you links to tickets, images and hopefully a message of joy.

Merry Michael Eckett