Countdown to Theatre Crisis: 5 weeks

Reunions are tricky, just read any issue of Green Lantern where Hal has to say "Hi" to characters he'd previously killed when possessed by a yellow fear demon or watch the documentary about Steps reforming. This week was the big Sigil Club reunion for Stand-Up Comics and it featured more fights than a Green Lantern comic but less fights than Steps. Of course our fight was a choreographed fight between Sandy and myself, which is a slightly changed version of the Liam/Liz fight, now taking advantage of stuff Sandy can bring to it and will result in my having to stretch every day.

Tuesday was to be the first time Natalie and Sandy met each other as we rehearsed the final scene of the play but Dan Farley also decided to come down, offer insight and take the opportunity to meet Natalie when he might not get another chance. What that resulted in was big introductions, the five of us telling stories to Natalie, generally catching up and my favourite rhythmic nonsense warm-up as seen in a Sainsburys advert.

We've made a lot of progress this week; lines are almost perfect, Natalie has had a bit of time to settle in, my chemistry with Sandy in the initial read for the Liam/Liz moment has made me really positive about that and based on feedback from the summer show I spent Thursday with Kris going over parts of the script where we could bring different things out of his performance. And Dan comfortably returned to the role made for him whilst working well with the changes that Sandy brings. Though it's hard to stop a terrifying man with a booming voice and a shovel.

With everyone together this week we took the opportunity to take new photos for the poster/ flyers and sent this through to the Etcetera Theatre to put up on their website

Which means tickets are now on sale! And can be purchased from and I highly recommend purchasing some because it's looking like it's going to be a very exciting show and at £7.50 it will be better value than a Steps concert.