Countdown to Theatre Crisis: 4 weeks

This was a week of confrontation and not just because Sandy and I worked on the fight scene as much as possible or because I've taken to kicking Natalie every time she slumps but because I have been confronted with the reasons and motivations for the play's existence that I haven't considered since I finished writing it. It's a lot like Grant Morrison's Animal Man in which Animal Man meets Grant Morrison, except not like that and more like a therapy session with an unlicensed stranger.

Monday's rehearsal was between Natalie and myself as we worked on Ashlynn as a character and her relationship with Liam. It wasn't all kicking and ridicule from a "professional" towards a tired girl; we sat down and talked through the subtext of Ashlynn's lines and the concept of Ashlynn as a symbol and instrument of change in Liam via her requests not to be treated symbolically.

Tuesday brought Sandy, Kris and I back together and was our first opportunity to try out some of the softer things Kris and I had spoken about, which have ended up working really well. Now, more familiar with the blocking and lines, small things are popping up like Sandy furiously drawing name badges and a collective of weird walks. Honestly a lot of the play is becoming impromptu weird walks across the stage. The small things come as a result of the time we spend getting to know one another now. Being together for some time now we cover loads including the weird times we've been on TV (Nickelodeon, Sock Puppets and fake wii) and more personal things like school, growing up and failed early romances.

Thus Kris and I applied this approach to our first rehearsal with SPECIAL GUEST STAR NINA BRIGHT (appearing November 25th and 26th). We spent a rather large amount of the rehearsal talking about Ryan Gosling, Drive, The fight scenes in Kung Fu Panda 2, favourite movies in general, Texas Battle and, our favourite subject, Demolition Man. We did this in the hope that by understanding me and Kris she will understand the piece. And because we really like Demolition Man. I also answered Nina's questions on whether "The Customer" exists in real life and wound up giving a brief history of comics from 1980 onwards and it must not have been fun for her.

Thursday marked two years since I met Dan, it was my Danniversary, and Sandy encouraged my noting of the date by bringing muffins for us all to devour whilst rehearsing. The long week had finally taken its toll on me though as I (and everyone else) wound up cracking up at some of those smaller moments and jokes that we've been peppering throughout the script. A nice way to end the week but I shall have to be tougher next time we go through this scene so that the audience can laugh as much as we have been.

Alongside rehearsals Kris has finished designing the poster which you can see on our Productions page and I created a facebook event for the performance. So if you want to declare your commitment to us to an entire social network, you are now able to. We're nice like that.

Confronted with memories and questions, by people new and old, by worries and stress. And we're surviving. It should be a good show.