Camden Fringe - Stand-Up Comics

Tickets for out Camden Fringe production our now on sale! You can find us in the listing here.
Our upcoming performance of Stand-Up Comics by Michael Eckett is on the 8th and 9th of August at the Roundhouse: Studio Theatre at 6pm.

We all find some way to escape our problems; but what if you get stuck there?

Liam, Kris and Liz have been brought together by the comics they read, sell and write to avoid the responsibilities of the real world. But with Liam's attraction to his artist causing him writer's block and Kris' jealousy preventing him from insulting the customers' poor taste, will they be able to remain together? Sensing the friends drifting apart Liz refuses to let anyone escape until they've dealt with their problems.
With jokes, fights and gravediggers abound, the staff at Stand-Up Comics certainly have issues.

Stand-Up Comics is a live theatre sitcom, infused with a bombastic comic book look, which examines how pop culture influences our lives, friendships and goals.

All the show information, including a cast list is on our Productions page.

You can buy tickets from a variety of places:
  • The easiest and cheapest is from the Fringe Website. However the Fringe will take a percentage of the ticket sale (and rightly so) making it not the best for us when it comes to making money. 
  • You can purchase from The Roundhouse which is cool because it's The Roundhouse and you might already have an account with them etc. However the Roundhouse adds a booking fee so it's a bit more expensive.
  • Finally if you go to our fundraising page at IndieGoGo you can donate $17 (£10) and we'll organise your ticket and thank you for your donation in both the programme and on the website. It is a bit more expensive but the donation goes towards props/ set for the production (And there's no booking fee!)
  • No, seriously check out the fundraising page, we recorded a fun video especially for it and there are other incentives that you can claim if you donate. Including the chance to be named in the play! If you can't donate, that's cool, but please tell others about it in case they're super generous.
We've also set up a facebook event if you're in to that thing and want to invite people that way. We'd love to see as many people as possible and it would be fantastic if you could invite as many friends as you can, even if you yourself can't make it.

If anyone is interested in learning a bit more about the show, the inception of the project and the long journey Michael has been on to bring this to the stage he has written a personal blog about it. WARNING: Contains Michael being Michael.