Cast Interview - Kate Quinn

As we approach our production of Stripped we've decided to pose some interview questions to our actors so that the world may get to know them and relate to them before going in. And to see why I should always have my iPad out.
The next person to impart wisdom is Kate Quinn who plays Magog.

Describe yourself in six words?
My hair is brown not black

What attracted you to the role?
The breakdown said Magog was a psychopomp and I didn't know what that meant, but it had “Psycho” in it. I also auditioned for Processor, as the original casting on CCP said Magog was male...ha!

What attracted you to me?
You have an iPad.

What's your origin story? What traumatic event or alien encounter has lead you down this theatrical path to the point where I'm making you answer this inane question?
I auditioned for a play because all my friends were doing it, and got a main role. Opening night was amazing, and I knew from then on that this was something I needed to do forever

Tell us about the character you play.
Magog is a Psychopomp, the other half to Gog. For more info, please read Tim's answers, read the Book of Revelations in the Bible, or come see the show!

That’s how you sell something! What is your characters theme song?
Helter Skelter – Beatles

What do you know about the character that no one else knows?
She has a collection of items that she takes from every soul collection, and if someone was looking through them she would be able to tell you who they belonged to, how they died, when she took them etc.

How have you found the rehearsal process?
It has been a very long process...5 months long (but we’ve only been able to meet 1-2 times a week)

I blame everyone else for that, I’d be there everyday if possible. I’ve missed seeing films for rehearsals, Kate. FILMS!
I know this is what you wanted as there is a lot of chorus work and we are to work as a unit, but Meriel coming in in January was somewhat of a blessing in disguise as it shook things up!

Yeah…I planned that…
During the October-December rehearsals I was also rehearsing and then performing in Theatre of the Damned’s "Grand Guignol" Production so it was a challenge to switch focus constantly! However Ensemble plays are always great because you never know what’s going to happen in each rehearsal and you get to be more a part of the creative process as opposed to a director telling you to take one step forward then two steps to the right. I love being able to get involved - whether people want me to or not! I don't take offence at being told to butt out and shut up, sometimes it’s necessary!

What effect does being a member of a chorus, playing lots of different characters in different situations have? Do you create intricate back stories for each individual, create a caricature for each line or focus on making each one as different as possible?
I just looked at each line I was given and thought about what would make sense. Like one of my lines is about being charged 500 that character is constantly twitching.

Do you have a specific warm-up or ritual before going on stage?
I do a full limber/warm-up, and then usually the last 10 minutes before the audience are let in I'm nervous and need to be left alone. I get terrible stage fright and can be a bit snappy...

It’s starting to sound like I’ll have to stay away from as many of you as possible come the performance.
The play is supposedly a comedy and whilst a lot of that rests on the script, everyone has been cast because they're naturally funny. What are your comedy influences?
I like intelligent/topical comedy/comedians; my boyfriend and I are always going to stand up gigs! But I think my main comedy influences are from the comedy shows I watched growing up - Friends mainly...I love Friends. But I'm not that funny to be honest, its luck.

If you had Nine days to find the meaning of your life where would you look first?
I've kept a diary since I was 9 so a lot of answers are there, but I pretty sure they all point to the stage.

Have you had any weird dreams possibly caused by a play? I had a dream that the smell of kiwis made you ill. Is this true; am I psychic or just mentally troubled?
So far I've had no weird dreams, that'll probably happen during the show. But the smell of kiwis definitely doesn’t make me ill, I like kiwis. I eat it all, including the skin. As for your mental troubling...

Your character is probably the most physically threatening  in the production. Are you that terrifying in real life? first I wouldn't of said I was the most physically threatening but Kris (He) is over a foot taller than me and he flinches when I approach so I must be. As for in real life, ask my boyfriend!

And you wonder why I don’t tell you to butt out and shut up…
You're not going method for this right? I don't want to find out on the news you've been transporting the dead somewhere.
Nope, just transporting all my possessions from my current flat to my new one! If I was a method actor, I would be seriously troubled.